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How We Do It

From the early stages of development to the finished product, we demand perfection every step of the way. We surround ourselves with amazing experts and industry veterans, who pride themselves on creating superior organic formulas and the outcome is put into each Kéralogie bottle. By revealing nature's true cleansing powers through scientific advances, we have discovered ways to nurture and enrich hair and skin to an enhanced state of natural health and genuine beauty. Conventional hair and skin care products often contain harmful ingredients such as petroleum based polymers, silicones and synthetic chemicals that strip hair of natural oils and leave locks dry and lifeless. But at Kéralogie, our hair products are made with trusted Natural and Organic materials free of harsh chemicals, SLS or parabens. For over a decade, our customers have trusted our all-natural hair care recipes and have come to love the highest quality results.

The KeraMix Formula Mixing Technology Innovation is Keralogie’s unique and exclusive process for ingredients formulating and mixing which results in outstanding products that are natural, organic, and superior – completely eliminating the need for traditional surface-active agents that often disrupt the hair’s and skin’s fragile barrier properties. KeraMix is the innovative alternative to conventional surfactant-based methods of making oil-in-water emulsions. The novel physical interactions of the KeraMix mixing process replaces chemical emulsifiers.


The Exclusive KeraMix Technology's Benefits:

• Virtually eliminates the need for traditional chemical emulsifiers and surfactants
• Increases product quality, efficacy and stability
• Enables a limitless number of product forms
• Reduces use of preservatives
• Enhances hair’s and skin’s natural barrier properties
• Delivers an superior feel
• Significantly reduces skin irritation
• Complies with all federal guidelines and regulations
• Employs natural and environmentally sustainable materials.