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Hair Revival System with 30 Benefits
Hair Revival System with 30 Benefits, Natural Fortifying Treatment
Hair Revival System with 30 Benefits, Natural Fortifying Treatment

Hair Revival System with 30 Benefits, Natural Fortifying Treatment

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Our natural fortifying treatment – Hair Oil Essence (9 Oils, 7 Vitamins and 4 Omega Types) and natural therapy formula - Healing Hair Therapy (18 Amino Acids and 7 Fatty Acids), are joining together in one bottle - Hair Revival System®, with our Exclusive Custom Ration Mixing System to bring you salon inspired hair. The innovative design lets you customize your treatments based on your distinctive style. An alluring combination of unique ingredients gently heals each strand while adding the luster and strength back to your hair. By deeply penetrating each hair follicle you will experience silky shine like never before depending on the mixing ratio you choose.

Two airless pump cartridges protect Hair Revival System® by preventing it from excessive exposure to air, thus prolonging product life.

In an effort to protect and care for the environment as much as we care for your hair, you simply change the cartridge of A & B with Refill Cartridges when the product gets low instead of throwing away the entire bottle.

  • Natural and Organic Complex
  • Free of alcohol, parabens and sulfates
  • Stops split ends
  • Radiant styling finish
  • Provides frizz-free Hair texture
  • Thermal, heat protection.
  • Volumizing Hair Look
  • Lifts hair from the Root
  • Adds hairstyle definition
  • Protects from Humidity
  • Repairs dry and damaged hair
  • Protects during and after Keratin and Japanese hair treatments
  • Protects after highlighting and coloring
  • Protects hair from damage induced by detergents.
  • Protects hair from damage induced by alkaline products.
  • Covers and protects the hair fiber from environmental aggressions.
  • Improves hair softness and smoothness.
  • Improves sheathing and hair aspect.
  • Increases keratin synthesis and consequently
  • Strengthens hair keratin and epidermal barrier function.
  • Increases keratin level
  • Decreases the damage induced by a hydro-mineral stress
  • Prevents color fading
  • Contains UV filters
  • Improves hair growth
  • Expedites hair cell reproduction
  • Cleanse the scalp
  • Improves texture and vitality
  • Decreases stress-induced DNA damage
  • Unique Mood Enhancing fragrances

1. For the first use only, turn dispensing head to 100% A and pump until products flows freely. Turn to 100% B and repeat the process. Then select desired ratio setting.

2. For ideal management ration according to your hair type apply as follows: 

  • Thin Hair         - setting # 1 (20% Hair Oil “A” and 80% Hair Therapy “B”).
  • Normal Hair     - setting # 2 (30% Hair Oil “A” and 70% Hair Therapy “B”).
  • Thick Hair        - setting # 3 (40% Hair Oil “A” and 60% Hair Therapy “B”).

3. Hair Revival System® can be used daily on damp or dry hair. Apply few drops of mixture onto the palm of your hand, rub hands together, and work evenly through hair starting 0.5 inch (1.5 cm) from the roots. Add more if needed. Do not overdo it. 

  • For non-straightening result let it air dry naturally.
  • For hair volumizing use hair dryer with heat. 
  • For maximum straightening result use flat iron.

By rotating the dispenser head you can select multiple formula strengths or fixed ratio settings, according to the specific hair types and needs.

The product can also be used as two separate products - 100% Oil Complex Essence “A” or 100% Healing Hair Therapy “B”.

If used by itself, Hair Oil Essence should be applied  as a leave-in product and styled as usual.

If used by itself, Healing Hair Therapy should be applied as a leave-in product and styled with hair dryer or flat iron.